Revel Performa3 F208Be Concept Speakers at CES 2017

Revel makes some mighty fine speakers and its F208 is lauded for its performance. AT CES 2017 the company showed a new concept speaker that, while retaining the F208’s enclosure, upgrades the tweeter to a Beryllium dome: The Performa3 F208Be. It also features a ceramic-aluminum midrange and woofers, plus a new crossover.

The new tweeter is the star of the show here. It’s mounted in a next-gen waveguide and features an oversized motor.

These are currently concept speakers but Revel expects to turn them into product you can buy later this year (probably sumertime). Sorry but I don’t know what the pricing might be.

The use of Beryllium, which has favorable physical characteristics for audio driver applications, gives the tweeter an extended frequency response that reaches 40,000 Hz.

I had a chance to hear a pair of F208Be at the show and it delivered excellent sound from both Digital files and vinyl records. Indeed, the rendition of vocals was striking in its realism and dynamics. I’ll add more comments about these impressive speakers to this post soon.

Source: AVS Forum